The current Professional School of mechanical and technical engineering was founded in 1961.as Vocational Technical School at MDK Copper Georgi Damjanov. Its founders are a group of young enthusiasts headed by inzh.Angel Pushkarov, who is also the first director of the school.Early preparation is carried out only two specialties: “Metallurgy and Enrichment, a team of tutors is 12 teachers. Educational activities are conducted in the building of three high school classrooms. Despite the difficulties, gradually increasing the number of pupils and classes revealed and new specialties. Since 1966. school moved to its own building located above the stadium.

In 1971. Vocational School was renamed in Copper Stefan Minev. Then adopted the first-Technical School students in classes, receiving in 1974. Baccalaureate. In 1983. opened and the first technical college class, “Metallurgy of nonferrous metals, and in 1985. school moved to new building, which houses at the moment. Since 1989. school is school of metallurgy. Gradually introduce new courses and changing its profile. In 1993. undergo its next transformation and is now school of mechanical and technical engineering and metallurgy.

In 2003. school has already renamed Vocational School of mechanical and technical engineering and any new academic year marks a step forward in its development.

Currently PGME train 319 students in the room, and part-time independent form of training courses:

  • Economic Informatics
  • Economic Information Provision
  • Computer and Technology tahnika
  • Automation of continuous production
  • Automated Systems
  • Electrical equipment industry
  • Fitter machinery, apparatus, appliances and equipment
  • Metalworking machines and tools
  • Fittery