School Activity

In PGME train students in the living room, separate and part-time training VIII to XIII class in different professions and specialties. Under the heading „Degree“ you can see a brief description of each specialty, and in the „Curriculum“ – all subjects studied during the course of training, workload and class in which to learn and how to complete the degree and professional qualifications and documents are received.

The „Curricula“ you will find detailed thematic allocation for each subject, divided by specialty, and expected knowledge and skills that you will receive. Obtaining of professional qualifications is after passing the state exams in theory and practice of the specialty, you might see in the national examination programs for every profession and specialty.

In „State educational requirements“ specified level of mandatory training at the end of training, which allows for the exercise of designated specialty professional competence. And here are the input level of education and health requirements of candidates for training and more.

If you are a student or part-time independent form of training, you can view the syllabus and assessment criteria „Syllabuses„. They apply to students living form that will take exams for shaping the term or annual evaluation, and remedial examinations.

The „Other“ can be found for class schedules and tests, a schedule of consultations with all teachers take the time for class teachers and teacher schedules for conducting the examinations. Here you will find the weekly schedule of students living form of training.